Coffee is for Closers!

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Managing sales people is a difficult chore... but managing the way sales people present your company's information is an even more difficult chore!


If you're anything like most companies, there are more versions of your sales presentation floating around than you can count on both hands, with each sales person putting their own "unique spin" on your carefully developed  message.


That approach might be fine for organizations with an average sales message... but now that you're working with Navigate, your message is anything but average and it's time to reign back in your sales force and regain control of your sales materials and messaging... it's time for Navigator Close.



Navigator Close is a content management system designed specifically for sales and marketing materials that focuses on two main areas: accessibility and content management.  Scroll down to learn more.


  • Navigator Close provides a central location for storing and sharing ALL your company's sales, marketing and branding materials.


  • Sales and marketing staff will be able to access the materials they need 24/7 via a fully-customized, secure, cloud-based portal.


  • Your custom portal will be optimized for viewing on any type of device, including standard desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile and tablet devices, allowing your staff access to the materials they need, when and where they need it.

Content Management

  • By providing a central location for all your sales and marketing materials, you can insure your sales people are not using out-of-date versions out in the field and always have the most up-to-date versions.


  • Automatically send email notifications to your sales force and marketing staff when updates have been made to materials and/or when new materials have been created.
  • Lock down your materials to insure no unwanted modifications are made by only providing approved staff members with editing capabilities


  • Manage the materials you send out to prospects and clients by posting presentations online, securing them with username/password access and setting expiration dates for material viewing, minimizing the risk of competitors access.


  •  View detailed tracking information allowing you to see who viewed your online materials, when they viewed it and for how long as well as other detailed information.


  • SO much more!


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