Employee Benefit Resources Anywhere, Anytime

The Navigator Mobile Benefits App will provide your employees with 24/7 access to your company's benefit plan resources, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

The Navigator Mobile Employee Benefits App provides your employees with access to ALL their company benefit plan information and resources in a simple and engaging, consolidated, fully-branded, 24/7 accessible mobile application, allowing them to not only better understand their benefits, but also improve their experience using them.



Most benefit communications are complex and confusing, more closely resembling legal documents than something average employees could actually understand, causing most to tune them out entirely...   The result?   An employee base that does not understand their benefits, the value they bring, or even the basics of how to use them.   At Navigate, we strive to create simple, engaging and easy-to-understand content, while still providing necessary detailed information.


A major factor leading to confusion amongst employees relative to their benefits is often the sheer number, and ever-changing nature, of the partners their company works with.  It's difficult for employees to know who their medical plan administrator is from one year to the next, let alone locate the tools and resources they provide.  With Navigator Mobile, you can house ALL your benefit partner information in one always updated, easily accessible location.


Branding is far more important than you may think in terms of communicating benefit information.  Branded communications will better engage your employees because they provide immediate familiarity, helping employees differentiate relevant information from information they can ignore.   In addition, consistent and professional branding helps reinforces your “Employer Brand” to both active and prospective employees.


Putting benefit plan information and resources right into your employee’s mobile devices will vastly improve their overall experience interacting with your company's benefit programs... they will no longer struggle to find the information they need when they need it, improving overall satisfaction levels while at the same time demonstrating your company's commitment to being an employer of choice, reinforcing your  strong employer brand.


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